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    PA620-L4 Line Protection Device

    PA620-L4 line longitudinal current differential protection device is a new type of routine and intelligent line protection device for 110 kV voltage level developed by INT, in strict accordance with the national grid standards. The three-side T-type wiring device model is PA620-L4T, and the two-side wiring device model is PA620-L4A.

    The protection configuration of PA620-L4 line longitudinal current differential protection device is as follows:

    1. direct current differential protection

    2. interphase distance protection

    3. ground distance protection

    4. zero sequence overcurrent protection

    5. zero sequence overcurrent acceleration protection

    6. PT broken line zero sequence overcurrent protection

    7. PT broken line phase overcurrent protection

    8. over load alarm

    9. three phase primary reclosure

    10. asymmetric sequential speed operation

    11. fault location

    12. impact load

    13. PT break alarm function

    14. CT break alarm function


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