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    PA150 series Integrated Digital Relay

    PA150 series integrated digital relay is a brand-new product of Nanjing Intelligent Apparatus Co., Ltd. (INT) based on long-term operation experience. It is combined with domestic and foreign advanced technology, closely integrated the actual needs of users, and independently developed and produced by INT.

    It is designed for universal application with the “Intelligent Black” family appearance. By selecting proper protected object in HMI menu, it can be used as a protection, measurement and control device for 6~10kV feeder, motors, capacitors, transformers, bus coupler and other electrical equipment. It is an ideal component for intelligent switch cabinet with distributed installation.





    Integrated   protection, measurement and control of the general incoming line (with the   function of backup power automatic transfer for incoming circuit)


    Integrated   protection, measurement and control of feeder


    Integrated   protection, measurement and control of feeder transformer


    Integrated   protection, measurement and control of motor


    Integrated   protection, measurement and control of capacitor

    Bus   coupler

    Integrated   protection, measurement and control of bus coupler


    Main Features and Functions

    l  Product Universalization: The protection function can be freely configured according to the actual requirements with optional operation mode.

    l  Programmable Logic Function: Protection functions, output relays and digital inputs have logic configuration function. Protection interlock, user-defined protection and relay outputs can be adjusted freely and achieved easily by non-electric protection function and blocking protection function.

    l  Highly Integration: Integrate the functions of protection, measurement, control, monitoring, communication, fault recording and event recording into one device.

    l  Friendly HMI: Dynamic displays single line diagram, real-time waveform, fault recording diagram, start-up waveform, etc. on the large LCD.

    l  Multiple Communication Functions: Provide Ethernet communication interface (optical port and electric port), RS485 and RS422 serial interface with communication baud rate up to 19200bps; Support Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP communication protocols; It can realize the transmission functions of remote measuring, remote signalling, remote control, protection setting value settings and enquiries, device working status, SOE, fault recording data, etc.

    l  Supporting PA Config Configuration Software: it is more convenient to read, download and modify the parameters and setting values of the protection relay.


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