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    Recently, Nanjing Intelligent Apparatus Co., Ltd. (INT) received a commendatory letter from State Grid East Inner Mongolia Electric Power Company.


    INT has participated in the Yikezhao-Yinan ±800kV UHVDC transmission project, which is one of the 12 important transmission channels in China's air pollution prevention and control action plan. The Yikezhao DC converter station is located at Shanghai temple economic and technological development zone, Eqianqi town, Inner Mongolia province.


    The whole length of the line is 1238 kilometers, passing Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan, Hebei, and Shandong province, with 70 million kWh daily power transmission. The project promotes the development of energy bases in Inner Mongolia, and accelerates local economic transformation. In the meantime, it improves the quality of atmospheric environment and promotes air pollution control in the central and eastern regions of China.

    It is of great significance to solve the problem of power transmission from west to east, improve electrical equipment and industrial upgrading.

    INT successfully accomplished series of work, including the design, procurement, production, installation, commissioning and service. Obviously, we received excellent recognition and praise from user, with efficient and high-quality work under schedule, daily maintenance the test running.

    At present, Yikezhao DC converter station has been running for nearly a year and has completed the first annual maintenance work. The acceptance of the project once was reported on CCTV.


    INT presses forward on every success and accumulation, we have been working hard to complete every project. The success of each project is a harvest and accumulation for us. We have never forgotten our original intentions, and keep the mission in mind . We will strive to become the industry leader in the future!

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