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    INT Participated in the Giant Engineering, Beijing Daxing International Airport

    Release time:2019.07.03 Author:admin Source:This web site   Clicks: 4509

    Beijing Daxing International Airport (IATA: PKX, ICAO: ZBAD) was fully completed a few days ago, which is Asian largest comprehensive multistory transportation hub.




    The photovoltaic power generation system of the Daxing Airport which INT is participated in has also been combined to the utility power grid.

    The bird's view of Daxing Airport would indicate like a huge phoenix, standing proudly and spreading wings.

    Five giant corridors stretch out into five different directions from the terminal building. With this design, it dramatically reduces the time for passengers to check-in. Even the most farthest corner, passengers only take up to eight minutes to arrive.

    As the largest airport in Asia, it adopts an omnidirectional runway with three vertical and one horizontal, staggered configuration. The runways can manage 7 airplanes taking off at the same time during peak hours. It is estimated that Daxing International Airport will achieve 800,000 airplanes take-offs and landings per year and 130 million passengers per year, which will completely refresh the highest passenger flow records in Asia.



    INT provides electrical automation system and CCTV system including IDM30 smart energy meters, CSU100 communication service units, etc.

    INT is honored to be part of this giant engineering with modern technologies, and INT products will continually support to the safety and stable running in the future.

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