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    Nanjing INT Signs Chaoyang Sewage Treatment Plant Project in Huozhou City

    Release time:2018.11.06 Author:admin Source:This web site   Clicks: 4689

    Recently, Nanjing INT signed the expansion project of Chaoyang Sewage Treatment Plant in Huozhou City, which will provide customers with a complete INT-STACS sewage treatment plant automation system to realize the automation system control of the sewage treatment plant.

    Environmental background:

    Water is the source of life. It is one of the indispensable material resources for human survival and development. Where there is water on earth, there is life. Water is an extremely important and active factor in the natural and social environment. When we wander in the embrace of nature, in fact, all we face is the power of water to us. Water is the precious wealth bestowed by nature on mankind.


    Project background:


    Due to the rapid development of modern industry and the increase of urban population, economic development has brought more and more pressure to the global environment. Domestic and industrial water use have increased dramatically. The rise of low-carbon economy has forced us to save energy and reduce emissions, accelerates the construction of urban sewage treatment plants and sewage treatment facilities, and sewage treatment plants are also on the rise. It has become an essential infrastructure in the process of modern cities and urban modernization.


    Chaoyang Sewage Treatment Phase II Expansion Project in Huozhou City is located in the southern part of Huozhou City, with a total investment of nearly 40 million yuan. According to the current monitoring statistics of the sewage volume of the first phase project, combined with the short-term and long-term prediction results of the sewage volume, the treatment scale of the second phase expansion project is 10000 m3/d, and the advanced treatment part is 20000 m3/d.


    Technical characteristics:


    According to the characteristics of sewage biochemical treatment process, various types of mechanical and electrical equipments and automatic monitoring instruments are used in each process section of the sewage treatment plant to collect, monitor and control the operation, working status and process parameters of the equipments, so as to coordinate the operation of each process segment.


    INT-STACS sewage treatment plant automation system adopts advanced computer network technology, control technology and image processing technology. The system function design is scientific, integrated and intelligent, and the system has high reliability, maintainability and expansibility. The third-party filter system, disinfection system, sludge concentration system and power supply monitoring system commonly used in sewage treatment plants are integrated efficiently. In addition, in the process of project design and implementation, Nanjing INT will take full account of economic applicability, saving investment and linking up with long-term projects to solve customers'worries.


    INT's environmental protection business:


    In the past 20 years, Nanjing INT has undertaken hundreds of sewage treatment plants including:

    Xi'an twelfth sewage treatment plant

    Shaanxi Zhengyang sewage purification Co., Ltd.

    Shaanxi Xianyang Xinxing Textile Industrial Park sewage treatment plant

    Shaanxi Xianyang southern suburb sewage treatment plant

    Shandong Shidao sewage treatment plant

    Shandong Linyi county sewage treatment plant

    Shandong Linyi County Lin Zi town sewage treatment plant

    Shandong Dongcheng sewage treatment plant in Pingyi County

    Zhejiang Shaoxing sewage treatment plant

    Anhui Bengbu Chengnan sewage treatment plant

    Fujian Kuai an sewage treatment plant

    Hebei Xishan sewage treatment plant, Zhangjiakou

    Baoding municipal sewage sludge treatment center, Hebei

    Inner Mongolia Da Qi sewage treatment plant

    Jiangxi sewage treatment plant

    Jiangxi Yingtan Chengnan sewage treatment plant

    Jiangsu Nantong second sewage treatment plant

    Jiangsu Tai'an fourth sewage treatment plant


    For more sewage treatment projects, consult INT please.


    Nanjing INT has years of experience in water treatment industry which is continuously optimized and upgraded in hundreds of water treatment projects. In the future, Nanjing INT will continue to spread our concept of efficiency, reliability and low-carbon environmental protection to more and broader fields.

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